Two men arrested in alleged financial scam

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In New Jersey, allegations of theft take many forms. People who are accused of stealing do not necessarily need weapons or threats of violence to do so. Sometimes, they simply use a phone and a well-organized pitch to get unsuspecting people to give them money, access to credit cards, property and more. This can include people claiming to be professionals, law enforcement, insurers and representatives of government entities. The penalties for a conviction can be as severe if not worse than those for violent acts of theft. If a person is accused of white collar crimes, it is imperative to know the value of a strong legal defense.

Two men arrested after allegedly scamming grandmother for money

Two men were arrested after a 62-year-old woman in Nutley was an apparent victim of a financial scam. She had received a phone call from a woman claiming to be her granddaughter. The caller said that she was in an auto accident and would call back. Later, another person called claiming to legally represent the granddaughter. The elderly woman was told that she needed to post bail to keep the granddaughter out of jail. The grandmother took money out of her bank, went to a store to meet with a man who said he was a bail bondsman. She gave him the money and got a receipt.

Several days later, the woman spoke to her actual granddaughter and discovered that there was no accident, nor was the granddaughter in any sort of legal trouble. The woman called law enforcement. The person claiming to be the granddaughter’s attorney called again seeking money. Law enforcement went to the same site where the man was waiting and he was arrested. There was another man with him who was also taken into custody. The men, 22 and 21, are facing multiple charges.

Accusations of running scams can lead to major problems

There can be substantial consequences for white collar crimes and other financial scams. Not only might there be prison time and fines, but it can negatively impact how a person is perceived if they are said to have taken part in scamming the elderly. While these charges are serious, there might be avenues to cobble together an effective defense. Perhaps there are plea bargain alternatives available. Or it is possible that a person was simply involved in a low level way and can provide evidence against others to avoid a conviction. There is even the chance of an acquittal. The evidence must be scrutinized and having assistance from the start can be beneficial with crafting a strategy to fight the case.

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