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When You Are Faced With Legal Matters Involving Your Family

If you are overwhelmed with emotion due to your situation involving the law and your family, you will want to rely on a lawyer for help. When it comes to legal matters involving loved ones, it is important to set aside your emotions to do what is in the best interest of you and the other parties involved. Any decision that is made in a family law case can have a lasting effect on the future of any one that is involved.

The law firm of Iacullo, Martino & Reinitz, offers clients 25 years of experience in family law for their case. Our lawyers proudly serve clients in Essex County and throughout New Jersey for one-on-one consultations. We provide customized solutions to achieve a favorable outcome.

We Understand All Matters Of Family Law

When clients seek our legal knowledge and experienced counsel, it is due to the rise of conflict in tense situations. To achieve a favorable outcome that benefits all parties involved, it is important to be able to discuss your plans and goals. We apply our experience in mediation to settle your family matters outside the courtroom.

In the event that a resolution is not achievable in mediation, we also prepare you for litigation. Each step that we take and counsel that we provide is designed to suit the needs of your case. We have the experience you need in cases that involve:

  • Divorce and property division
  • Alimony in divorce
  • Family law mediation
  • Modifications to child support and custody orders
  • Restraining orders and domestic violence

Attorney Steven J. Martino specializes in matrimonial law and offers clients a specific insight into what they are facing in a divorce, child custody or child support case. Whether you are preparing for divorce, seeking alimony, the modification of a family court order or protecting yourself from someone else, we can help.

Free Consultations For Your Family Legal Matters

Contact our office in Nutley or Clifton today by calling 973-498-8787. You can also reach us by filling out this online contact form.