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We Handle A Full Range Of Domestic Violence Charges And Restraining Orders

If you have been a victim of abuse, we can help you escape your dangerous situation and obtain a restraining order. We also fight the misuse of restraining orders for unfair advantage in divorce or custody proceedings and the criminal charges that may arise out of a domestic violence allegation.

The law firm of Iacullo, Martino & Reinitz, in New Jersey has more than 90 years of experience practicing family law and criminal defense. You can rely on us to assert your rights, whether you are seeking protection or are accused of domestic violence. Consult with our attorneys for one-on-one legal guidance.

Grounds For Obtaining A Temporary And Final Restraining Order

Domestic violence refers to physical assault, threats or harassment by a spouse or partner, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or possibly a parent, sibling or roommate.

If you need a restraining order, we will go with you to court to obtain an ex parte temporary order. If a temporary restraining order is issued, you will get immediate relief, which will likely require the person who is alleged to have committed the act of domestic violence to move out of the residence and have no contact with you, directly or indirectly.

Within 10 days, there will be a hearing on whether to issue a permanent order (final restraining order). At that hearing, we can make the case that the other party continues to pose a threat, and you are entitled to a final restraining order for your protection.

Challenging Domestic Violence Allegations And The Final Order

Some domestic violence cases arise out of a heated disagreement or minor altercation. Sometimes it is a one-time occurrence that does not warrant the issuance of a temporary or final restraining order. Domestic violence charges may also arise in the context of a pending divorce or child custody action.

We will respond to the temporary order and prepare for the final order hearing and can represent you in any associated criminal charges. We can seek an emergency application to retrieve your personal belongings and resume contact with your children.

If we cannot defeat the final order, we will attempt to modify it to ease the no-contact restrictions and allow you access to your kids. We will also attempt to get the criminal charges dismissed or reduced to avoid any impact on your employment and reputation.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys Ready To Work With You

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