Using social media during a divorce

In the age of social media, getting a divorce can quickly become a public spectacle for some New Jersey couples. While former couples do not necessarily need to stay off their social media accounts while going through a divorce, there are some things that should be considered when it comes to social media, especially if the divorce is turning out to be less than amicable.

During a divorce, one or both individuals may post to their to their social media accounts information about the divorce that could upset the other person. Even if the divorce starts out amicably, the wrong post or even venting about the divorce case could cause conflicts. Former couples should consider making an agreement on what can and cannot be posted, especially when it comes to complaints about the other person or posts about the children.

Further, once the divorce is over, former couples should continue to remain civil towards each other. This is particularly true for those who have professions that require a person to look and act as a professional, even online. Further, if there are children involved, staying civil online can help prevent drama, especially if the kids are old enough to have their own social media accounts.

Even in the most amicable of divorce cases, tensions can rise and arguments can occur. If a person has problems with a former spouse using his or her social media as a way to vent about the divorce or talk badly about the person, a divorce attorney may be able to draft an agreement that creates boundaries for social media use. If the former spouse cannot or refuses to follow the agreement, a family law attorney may be able to go back to court and demonstrate that the former spouse is unwilling to work with the person, which might impact on the outcome of the divorce.

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