Gender roles can be hard to challenge

Gender roles could determine if a New Jersey couple or any other is at risk of getting a divorce. This may be particularly true in relationships in which a woman begins to equal or exceed the earning capacity of her husband. In some cases of divorce, stress in the relationship was directly related to the fact that a man couldn’t handle a woman being a financial equal. In others, it was because the wife was no longer around to do housework.

For wives who choose to go back to work, it can be frustrating to know that their husbands aren’t doing more around the house themselves. Men who are used to traditional gender roles generally see household tasks as a woman’s job. Researchers in Sweden found that men were hesitant to help more at home even if they left their jobs because their spouses made more money.

Ideally, each party to a marriage will create an establish an equal role in the success of the relationship. Each individual should have the same amount of say into any decisions that impact the household, and this should be the case regardless of how much money either person makes. By sharing responsibilities, no one feels left out or as if it is his or her responsibility to make important decisions alone.

Those who are going through a divorce may feel anger, resentment or hostility toward their spouses. Therefore, it may be a good idea to work with an attorney to come to a favorable divorce settlement. An attorney may focus on the facts of the case and appeal to state law to create a reasonable outcome in a timely manner. This might allow an individual to receive a larger share of marital property or other assistance after a marriage officially ends.

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