Essex County Child Support Modifications Lawyers

Revisiting Custody Orders · Child Support Or Alimony Modifications

You may be angry with your ex-spouse or co-parent. You may be unhappy with the custody arrangements or support payments. There may be a substantial change in circumstances. We can help you modify your judgment of divorce, support order or custody/visitation rights.

The family law attorneys of Iacullo Martino, LLC, represent either side in post-judgment modifications. Our trial lawyers have extensive experience in these cases that affect your financial well-being and/or your relationship with your children, which can be as bitterly contested as the original divorce. We routinely advocate for clients in modification hearings in Essex, Bergen, Morris, Hudson, Union and Passaic counties, and throughout the state of New Jersey.

Seeking a change or fighting the petition? To discuss modification of custody, visitation, child support or alimony, contact our Nutley law office to arrange a consultation.

Child Custody Modifications Attorneys Clifton, Nutley, Newark And Surrounding New Jersey

With decades of combined experience in family law, our attorneys have handled every modification scenario, including petitions for:

  • Sole custody or joint residential custody
  • Increased parenting time (visitation)
  • Parenting plan revision (pickup, overnights, holidays, etc.)
  • Relocation out of state with the children
  • Increase in child support (new job, promotion, child's needs)
  • Decrease in child support (job loss, change in parenting time)
  • Emancipation (termination of child support)
  • Termination of alimony (remarriage or cohabitating)

25 Years Of Knowledge And Trial Experience

Sometimes these issues can be resolved by motion or mutual agreement. Sometimes they require a plenary hearing or a full-fledged trial. Steven Martino is a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney* and all of our lawyers are knowledgeable about the law and familiar with the local judges. We help you put your best foot forward in these high-conflict and important proceedings that may change the course of your life.

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* Certified as a specialist in Matrimonial Law by the Board on Attorney Certification of the New Jersey Supreme Court.