Creating a strong defense against violent crime allegations

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Criminal Defense

For many individuals in New Jersey, their only interaction or knowledge of criminal law is through television and the movies. Unfortunately, the real world is not how it is portrayed in shows or on film.

It is important that those facing criminal allegations take steps to better understand their situation, potential penalties faced and what defense options are available.

Violent crime allegations

At Iacullo, Martino & Reinitz, our attorneys have experience representing individuals accused of a wide range of violent crimes. Our law firm is focused on ensuring our clients’ side of the story is told and understood while we move forward with the strongest defense possible.

Prosecutors are well-prepared to win a conviction against anyone who is accused of a violent crime. It’s important for the accused to have a skilled defense attorney at their side.

We treat these legal matters seriously because violent crimes carry with them serious penalties. As such, we will take the time to work through every defense option possible.

Creating a defense

No matter the charge faced, we will take the time to create a defense that works for our clients. Whether they are charged with assault and battery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, sexual assault, weapons offense, manslaughter, murder or domestic violence, our law firm guides clients through the criminal legal process, so they do not have to go at it alone.

While it’s always best for our clients to see their charges dropped, our attorneys will take the time to explore defense options in the event that the charges are not dropped. Ultimately, this will help reduce the charges and penalties faced if a conviction results.

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