Helping you initiate and navigate a divorce

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Not all marital problems have resolutions that keep the marriage intact. Unfortunately, some marriages are better severed. While it might be the best option for a married couple, this does not make it an easy process to begin, navigate through and heal once it is completed. As such, it is important that when a New Jersey couple decides to call it quits, they fully understand the divorce process, what options they have and what decisions need to be made and settled.

Initiating a divorce

A divorce is often much more than ending a union. It requires spouses to sift through their finances and property, determining who gets what and which spouse is entitled to what. Beyond property division, divorce could mean making family law decisions. If children are involved, parents will need to establish a parenting plan and assess whether child support is necessary.

Navigating dissolution

A knowledgeable attorney understands that navigating a divorce is no easy feat. It can include various complex issues, requiring a unique resolution to these specific issues. As such, a law firm can help divorcing spouses understand what options they have when it comes to reaching the end goal of a divorce.

Whether it means negotiating a settlement, handling the matter out of court, or taking the matter to trial, the goal is to ensure that the person is fully aware of their rights and options.

When a couple says, “I do,” they do not expect to say, “I don’t,” one day. With the divorce rate still lingering around 50%, it is understandable that couples continue to encounter this process. No matter what brought you to the decision to divorce, it is imperative that you become knowledgeable of the process and how best to move forward with it in order to ensure your rights are protected.


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