Man arrested for drunk driving after officer sees violations

In New Jersey, people who are arrested for drunk driving will often be stopped after a law enforcement officer in a police cruiser witnesses a reckless act, a traffic violation or a maneuver that is indicative of a driver who is under the influence. Some cases, however, are different. If the officer sees a driver commit a questionable act in other situations, it can also result in a pursuit, an investigation and an arrest. With any DWI allegation, there are avenues of defense that should be explored.

Driver goes in wrong direction in front of police station and is arrested

A 31-year-old man is facing drunk driving charges after a law enforcement officer saw him driving in the wrong direction on the road in front of the police station. The incident started in the early-morning hours at around 1 a.m. According to the investigation, the driver was in a Jeep Cherokee. The officer got into his cruiser and pursued, eventually making a traffic stop. After interacting with the driver, the officer concluded that he was under the influence. Other officers came to the scene, the driver was given a field sobriety test and arrested. The man was asked to take a breath test, but refused. The charges include driving the wrong way on a one-way street, driving recklessly, not providing documents and DWI.

Understanding the penalties for a DWI conviction

When there is a DWI charge, there are a series of penalties that can be assessed after a conviction. Much will hinge on the case itself, how many times the driver might have been convicted for DWI, the blood-alcohol concentration, if there was an auto accident and more. Drivers may lose their driving privileges, be incarcerated, fined and have higher insurance rates. It can negatively impact their personal and professional lives. Even the refusal to submit to a test is a violation with consequences. Still, there are often ways to mitigate the charges, call the evidence into question and achieve a positive outcome. Given the problems a person will have after a DWI conviction, this is imperative.

Fighting DWI charges may require experienced help

In this case, the driver was arrested for drunk driving after committing alleged violations right in front of a police station. This might make it appear as if there are few ways to lodge an effective defense. Despite that, there are available options to avoid a conviction or reduce the charges. For assistance, having professional advice from the start is vital and could be a key factor in addressing the allegations.


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