Can child support payments be modified?

Divorce can affect a child in many ways, including financially. Responsible parents understand that making timely child support payments in New Jersey covers needed expenses. Circumstances change, however, and an ex-spouse’s income may decrease. Seeking child support modifications may be necessary.

A parent who loses his or her job and experiences a significant drop in income may find a modification request necessary. If he or she can’t afford the current payments, addressing the court might prove advisable. Otherwise, troubles may arise after falling behind in payment. Those who do fall behind could still petition the court. Doing so before missing payments, however, would likely be better for all parties.

The parent with custody could also ask for modifications. If expenses increase, the parent might petition the court for more child support. Medical or educational expenses are examples of things that may justify an increase.

It may be possible for the custodial parent to ask for more support if the ex-spouse’s income increased. Current payment levels might not be enough to cover all expenses. When initially divorced, the ex-spouse’s income might have been $40,000 per year. If it increased to $85,000, seeking additional support may seem reasonable.

On the other hand, extenuating circumstances may lead the non-custodial parent to seek to pay less. Each case has its unique circumstances. The non-custodial parent must be aware that the court will surely ask for proof of income loss. Presenting all the necessary proof in court could help the cause.

Whether seeking an increase or decrease in child support, the process involves filing a formal motion with the court. An experienced attorney may handle all necessary steps for representation in court. Both custodial and non-custodial parents might benefit fro

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