The top three challenges divorced women face

Women in New Jersey who have gone through a divorce face unique challenges. While divorce can definitely affect men, it affects women in some ways that are different. Here are the three biggest challenges women face after divorce.

Women often face unique financial challenges after divorce. One study showed that men are likely to see an increase in their income after a divorce while women are likely to experience a decrease in income by up to 20%. Women are also more likely to live below the poverty line. In order to meet these challenges, it is essential that women have a grasp on their finances. It may be beneficial to speak with an accountant, especially when it comes to understanding taxes, health insurance and retirement benefits and how these are affected by divorce. It is also essential to create a new budget based on one income and stick to it.

Women are granted custody of their children in almost 90% of divorces, so it is no wonder that women are deeply concerned about the welfare of their children after a divorce. Keeping the lines of communication with children open is essential. In order for a woman to care for her children, she also needs to take care of herself. Many have found that it is helpful to speak to a therapist.

Another challenge that women face has to do with housing. Women often have to find a new place to live after a divorce while living on just one income. In addition to finding a safe home to live in, a woman will need to factor in extra expenses associated with living in a new place, like homeowner association costs, higher utility bills and maintenance fees.

As a woman contemplates divorce, it is helpful to learn about how a divorce will affect her financially. Some women have started saving money that can be used to start the divorce process. A lawyer may provide information about how a divorce will affect a client financially and offer assistance when it comes to filing for the divorce.

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