Wedding day debt boosts odds of divorce

Some New Jersey couples have a desire to create a perfect wedding day, even if it means going into debt to do so. But according to a study by a top online lending marketplace, nearly half of the newlyweds questioned who racked up additional debt on their wedding day considered ending their marriage because of it. However, just 9% of couples without the burden of wedding debt reported considering divorce due to finances.

The study on wedding-related debt was based on responses from more than 500 Americans between the ages of 18 and 53 who were married within two years from when the survey was conducted. More than 75% of the wedding debt newlyweds admitted that they have argued about lingering wedding-related financial obligations with their partner. Of the couples who avoided wedding debt, only 20% said the same thing applied to their relationships.

Furthermore, nearly 40% of the newlyweds with wedding debt said they often argue with their partner about money-related issues. Money resulted in regular disagreements for only 11% of the couples without wedding debt obligations. One out of every four newlyweds said they wished they had spent less on their nuptials. They also said their biggest regret was spending too much on the venue and items like food and beverages. More than 30% of the surveyed couples said family was their top source of stress while planning their wedding. This was followed closely by money issues.

Wedding debt alone isn’t likely to be the sole reason for couples opting to end a marriage. However, it can create added stress and compound other problems. If the decision is made to untie the knot, a divorce lawyer may make an effort to draft and negotiate a fair settlement agreement that addresses such things as the division of joint assets and debt responsibility.